• Students Required To Practice Calligraphy By Writing ‘There Is No God But Allah’

    A Virginia school district is under fire for requiring students to practice calligraphy by writing the Muslim declaration of faith, “There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” in a classroom assignment.

    The Muslim calligraphy assignment in which the teacher had the kids copy the shahada, Muslim statement of faith, took place in a world geography class.

    Outraged parents met with the school district’s administrators on Dec. 11 to address their grievances regarding the mandated assignment.

    The district contends that the Muslim lesson plan is all about the art — not religion and stands by its decision requiring the assignment as part of the curriculum.

    “Neither these lessons, nor any other lesson in the world geography course, are an attempt at indoctrination to Islam or any other religion, or a request for students to renounce their own faith or profess any belief,” the district said in a statement to Fox News. “The statement presented as an example of the calligraphy was not translated for students, nor were students asked to translate it, recite it or otherwise adopt or pronounce it as a personal belief. They were simply asked to attempt to artistically render written Arabic in order to understand its artistic complexity.”

    Riverheads High School in Staunton, Virginia, also encouraged female students to dress up in Islamic garb.

    The students were taught about the “modest dress adopted by many in the Islamic faith and were invited to try on a scarf as a part of an interactive lesson about the Islamic concept of modest dress,” the district said.

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