• Paul Ryan: American Companies Will Shut Down Without More Foreign Workers

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) defended his omnibus bill’s controversial expansion of the H-2B visa program, which would allow foreign workers to fill blue-collar American jobs, Tuesday morning in an interview with radio host Bill Bennett,

    Ryan argued that if the provision were not included, American companies would be forced to shut their doors.

    From Western Journalism:

    House Speaker Paul Ryan claims that despite rampant unemployment of American workers, opening the nation’s doors to foreign workers is essential to keep American companies in business.

    Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, defended the omnibus budget bill’s expansion in the H-2B visa program in a Tuesday morning radio interview with former Education secretary and conservative author Bill Bennett.

    “What it is is, there’s seasonal industries where they can’t find local people to do the jobs: kids are already in college or things like that where you have a surge in workers,” he said.

    Ryan explained that the H-2B expansion was designed “to help small business who cannot find labor when there’s a surge in demand for their labor like seafood processing, or tourism.”

    “The point is, these businesses would have shut down without this and that’s what we didn’t want to see happen. We didn’t want to see businesses, who are seasonal, shut down because they couldn’t get the labor,” he said.

    However, as shown by Economic Policy Institute figures released by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., “wages were stagnant or declining for workers in all of the top 15 H-2B occupations between 2004 and 2014.”

    “Flat and declining wages coupled with such high unemployment rates over such a long period of time suggest a loose labor market — an over-supply of workers rather than an under-supply,’” Sessions has quoted EPI as reporting.

    Ryan’s admission is another sell out of the American people. Nearly 93 million people are currently not in the work force, why would we possibly need more foreign workers? An inconvenient issue that no proponent of a widespread amnesty for illegal immigrants wishes to acknowledge is the devastating effect so-called immigration reform will have on African Americans.

    More than 2,000 illegal immigrant children have reportedly arrived to the United States each month in 2015.
    The nation needs to assimilate and raise up those that are already here. The tax burden is becoming too great to be sustainable.

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