• Jeb Bush Is Confident at 4%: ‘Every One Of These Polls Is Irrelevant’

    Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Tuesday that he expects he expects big wins once the we primary voting begins and that the polls are irrelevant.

    “The strategy is to continue to work hard. To make sure the people know that I have the right ideas and the leadership skills to lead our country forward. That I have the steadiness skills as well,” Bush told Fox News. “This is not about the big personalities on the stage and Donald Trump is not a serious candidate and he would be, I think, a disaster as the nominee. He will never be president.”

    “We need to win to fix these complex things so we can rise up as a nation. That is my strategy,” he continued. “Look, every one of these polls is irrelevant. As you get closer to the election here in Florida and other places there are big swings. It has always been that way and it will be in 2016.”

    The former Florida governor, who was the early GOP favorite, now has roughly 4 percent in the national RealClearPolitics average.Front-runner Donald Trump is gobbling up more than a third of primary support.

    Bush has been on the attack against Trump in recent weeks and on Monday challenged the real estate tycoon to a one-on-one debate. The two will meet again at the next Republican presidential debate on Jan. 14 in Charleston, S.C.

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