• John McCain: The Real Winner in CNN GOP Debate Was Lindsey Graham

    John McCain told Neil Cavuto today that the real winner in last night’s CNN GOP debate was — Lindsey Graham.

    McCain praised Graham after he was asked what he thought of a heated exchange during the debate in which former Florida governor Jeb Bush took a shot a GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for complaining about biased CNN moderators.

    “Look, the simple fact is that, if you think this is tough and you’re not being treated fairly, imagine what it’s going to like dealing with Putin, or President Xi, or dealing with Islamic terrorism that exists,” Jeb contended. “This is a tough business to run for president.”

    “Oh, I know. You’re a tough guy Jeb! Real tough!” Trump mocked.

    “What’d you think of that?” Cavuto asked McCain.

    “I think that Jeb had a point. There is no sense in really insulting people. I’ve been in many presidential debates and I’m saying I did well or badly, but I never impugned the integrity or the personality of my opponents. I think the real winner tonight for anyone that saw it was Lindsey Graham,”McCain argued.  “He was at his best and he showed not only a sense of humor but he also most importantly has a grasp of what we were facing in the case of ISIS, and Bashar Asaad and Vladmir Putin. And I hope a lot of Americans saw Lindsey Graham last night. Because he did one hell of a job.”

    “Well, he was the star of that fist debte,” Cavuto ceded.

    McCain is no fan of the Donald Trump. Trump ignited a political firestorm back in July when he unapologetically questioned whether McCain, who spent five years as a prisoner during the Vietnam War — is a war hero.

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