• CBS Muslim Focus Group: Don’t Let Children Watch ‘Hateful’ GOP Debates  

    Participants of a focus group with American Muslims on CBS Friday morning told political strategist Frank Luntz that they won’t allow their children to watch the GOP debates because Republicans discussing terrorism is too offensive.

    “I actually did a call out to Muslim parents across the country to not watch the Republican debate in front of their children because I knew that, that – subjecting our children to hear the hateful stereotyping and the lumping of Muslims with terrorism in front of our children is actually something that psychologically impacts them,” one woman warned.

    Luntz asked the woman if she wants her children to “know the challenges that they face.”

    “I don’t want my children to be subjected to racism and the vilification of their faith,” she replied. “ I will not allow Donald Trump to tell my kids how they should feel about being Muslim.”

    “I also think that it’s important not to ignore the fact that all of this painful conversation is not necessarily positive, even though it is an opportunity,” another woman chided. “Oftentimes, there are manifestations of violence of this rhetoric.”

    It’s painful “because this is my faith,” she continued. “It’s representative of who I am. And for me to see that it has been so demonized is painful and it’s scary.”

    “How many of you are physically afraid because of – you’re physically afraid? So most of you?” Luntz asked the focus group.

    A majority of the group raised their hands.

    “There has been an increase in hate crimes that has been reported through the Council on American Islamic Relations and as well as in the United Kingdom there’s been a 300% increase in hate crimes,” a woman pointed out.

    One man argued that Americans are afraid of Muslims because of they way they look, not because of the heinous acts of terrorism that have been carried out on American soil and around the globe.

    “We can’t hide behind the fact that Americans right now, non Muslim Americans, do feel afraid, not because of the fact that their safety is concerned, but because somebody looks different.

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