• Students Sing ‘Allah Akbar’ At Public School Holiday Concert

    Teenagers sang a Ramadan praise song to Allah at a high school holiday Christmas concert Thursday in Blaine, Minnesota.

    “Eid un Sa’ Eid – Zain Bhika,” the students sang, which translates as  “Ramadan has come and gone/Eid has dawned up us/Thank you Allah for this blessed day/This is a time of happiness, a time of joy/Thank you Allah for this blessed day.”

    This Ramadan-inspired song included the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is Great,” Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO 4 reported.

    Among the English language phrases in the song were “Thank you Allah for this blessed day,” “Muslims are singing praises to Allah,” “Remembering Allah,” and “All Praise for you Allah.”

    Why are they singing a Ramadan song at Christmas time? Although the lyrics say that Ramadan has come and gone, Ramadan was last summer.

    The school district defended the performance, arguing that they are merely trying to promote equal opportunities for all students.

    “Songs are not performed in a worship setting or to promote religion,” the district said, “but rather in [an] educational setting where students are learning and performing music.”

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