• Trevor Noah: ‘I Feel Bad’ Obama Hasn’t Passed Gun Control After ‘Begging’ GOP for Years

    Daily Show host Trevor Noah admitted on Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show that he “feel[s] bad” that Senate Republicans have thwarted President Obama’s attempt at implementing gun control.

    “I feel bad for Barack Obama,” host Trevor Noah said on “He’s been begging for gun control for six years and the only major change to the gun debate since he got into office has been to his face. You gotta feel for him. We have found the amount of pressure under which black does crack.”

    Noah joked that lawmakers like show there is hope because he has found the fountain of youth.

    Noah blamed Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for the lack of gun control measures, even though Obama had a Democratically-controlled Senate for six years.

    “The good news is if Obama wants to reverse that skin damage, he should take beauty advice from the people in charge of legislating change, like, for instance, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,” Noah said. “He’s barely aged in the past six years. And all he’s had to do about mass shootings is take no steps whatsoever. Yeah. Congress has discovered the fountain of youth — pure distilled inaction.”

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