• Trump: Bill Clinton Is ‘One Of The Great Abusers Of The World’

    Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump called former President Bill Clinton “one of the great abusers of the world” and argued that women “don’t like Hillary Clinton” on Wednesday.

    Hillary Clinton accused her Trump of sexism and the billionaire businessman dismissed the accusations as “nonsense” and reignited controversy surrounding past allegations of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs and sexual relationship with a White House intern.

    “You can’t let people push you around. You can’t let people tell lies,” Trump said at an end-of-2015 rally  in Hilton Head, S.C. “Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.”

    “I had to mention her husband’s situation,” Trump said, adding that it’s a “tremendous abuse of women.”

    He noted that though Clinton mentioned his name “nine times” during the Democratic debate, but didn’t mention him or sexism at all during her final town hall of 2015 in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

    “I wonder why,” Trump said.

    Trump said he loves “the concept” of having a woman president, but he called Clinton “hollow.”

    Bill Clinton will head to New Hampshire at the end of the week to campaign on behalf of his wife.

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