• Trump Attack Ad – Starring Cosby, Weiner, Bill and Monica– DESTROYS ‘Feminist’ Hillary

    Hillary Clinton could not have cared less about the multiple women who were allegedly sexually harassed by her husband. She maliciously attacked every one of those women while making a career off of Bill’s name in her quest for power.

    Yet, she has the audacity to talk about Women’s Rights.

    GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is calling the former First Lady out on her outright hypocrisy in his latest ad.

    From Breitbart:

    Once again, frontrunner Donald Trump is proving to the Republican base that, unlike the Establishment GOP, he is willing to do what is necessary to win, even if it means bringing up a subject the corrupt DC Media has declared off limits. The subject, of course, is Hillary’s (and the media’s) appalling double standards on the issue of the War on Women.

    Using a clip from one of Hillary’s most famous speeches, one from 1995 where she equated women’s rights to human rights, this just-released Trump video puts Hillary’s words over images of the Clintons’ sick reality: photos of Monica Lewinsky, Hillary-supporter Bill Cosby, and serial-sexter Anthony Weiner, who is married to Huma Abedein, Hillary’s chief aide.

    Hillary and her friends!

    A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

    MSNBC just played the video. After it was over, longtime Hillary Clinton supporter Andrea Mitchell just sat there with her mouth hanging open.

    In 2012, with the help of their DC Media allies, Democrats accused Romney of murder, not paying his taxes, and blamed him for Todd Akin.

    This is what the Republican Base has been waiting 8 long years for: a Republican who will finally(!) take it to the other side with same  energy and audacity they hit us with.

    This is how you win elections, folks.

    You either keep Democrats and their media on defense, or you lose.

    You know what they say….”perverts of a feather flock together.”

    Trump is finally doing what should have been done years ago.

    This ad which probably cost almost nothing to make and is going to be played over and over for free nationwide on every news show on TV.  Keep it up Donald. This is how you deal with the left– not with dry speeches about taxes.

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