• Hillary Says she is Swimming in an Ocean of White Privilege

    Among her many struggles this election season, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has had a rough go with minority electorates.

    From Hispandering to a Kwanzaa Twitter flub, Clinton has struggled to convince minority voters she understands their world view and pandering her way through Fusion’s “Black and Brown Forum” in Iowa on Monday night didn’t he per case.

    From Breitbart:

    Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued that she is privileged, and “it is hard, when you’re swimming in the ocean to know exactly what’s happening around you” when asked about white privilege at Iowa Brown and Black Forum broadcast on Fusion on Monday.

    Hillary, in response to a question on what “white privilege” means to her, and whether she has benefited from it, said “it is hard, when you’re swimming in the ocean to know exactly what’s happening around you, so much as it is when you’re standing on the shore, perhaps watching.”

    Hillary added that she went to good schools, and had a “strong, supportive families,” and “never really knew what was or wasn’t part of the privilege. I just knew that I was a lucky person.”

    She further stated that she realized she was privileged when she was around 11-years-old, and she volunteered to babysit the children of migrant workers.

    If she feels so badly about her white privilege then she should donate all her money to a black charity and quit charging huge speaking fees. She should share her thoughts and opinions with the common folks for free. She would feel so much better about herself if she would just do that.

    Her Highness has her own category – Clinton Privilege.

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