• UK Telegraph: Climate Change May Cause Humans To Grow Webbed Feet And Hands

    Liberals constantly warn us about the perils of climate change, as President Obama continuously tries to convince us that climate change is a bigger threat to our world than ISIS.

    If you think the global warming crowd couldn’t get any nuttier, brace yourself.

    Now a scientist claims that humans may develop bizarre features such as webbed hand and feet and eyes like cats in response to changing climates.

    From UK Telegraph:

    Rising sea levels could force communities to live in underwater or semi-aquatic towns which could change out physiology.

    Dr Matthew Skinner, a paleoanthropologist from the University of Kent, claims that humans could evolve to have webbed hands and feet and less body hair so they could move quickly through the water.

    Our eyes would even become more like cats, so we could see in the murky gloom of seas and rivers and our lungs would shrink as we became used to using artificial tanks to breathe underwater.

    “Regular underwater foraging would lead to the evolution of longer fingers and toes which would then likely develop ‘webbed’ interconnecting skin to enable easier swimming,” said Dr Skinner.

    “We may evolve a tapetum lucidum, an additional layer in the retina, like cat’s eyes, that would improve our vision in low light conditions such as underwater.

    “Due to the cold environment of being submerged in water regularly, we would maintain a layer of ‘baby fat’ into adulthood as an insulator.”

    Oh no! We’ll all be creatures from the Barack Lagoon! How will Al Gore and the UN count their money with webbed fingers?

    Will humans also develop gills? If not wouldn’t webbed hands and feet be worthless?

    Some people will actually worry about this, much more so than very real everyday problems. Of course, humans are more likely to develop noses that will block the stench coming from the steaming piles of B.S. created by ‘experts.’


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