• Is It Just Me Or Is Sarah Palin Embarrassing?

    Every family has one. A crazy aunt who squeezes your cheeks and forces you to give her a Vodka-breath kiss.

    I’ll admit it. When Sarah Palin became the VP nominee for McCain it was exciting. She was actually the only thing exciting about McCain. I liked her back then. Time has moved on and something has changed.

    Sarah Palin is downright embarrassing.

    I tried to watch the endorsement she gave for Donald Trump. Turns out, I can only watch it in sound byte form. Watch the above video, if you can. You’ll see what I mean. I watched as much as I could and I found myself muttering under my breath, “Is she drunk?” or “What’s wrong with her?” or “Please God, make her stop.”

    It’s bad for the Republican brand and plays right into the liberal caricature of – crazy, right-wing, nut-job. She fits the bill.

    Then last night my daughter was watching the old Annie. The one with Carol Burnett. It’s an awesome show. Anyway, the Miss Hannigan “Little Girls” scene came on and I knew instantly. Carol Burnett’s slurred speech and low class way is a classic to behold. Watch the video clip here if you want proof.

    Sarah Palin is Miss Hannigan.  Tina Fey could have a field day with this. Carol Burnett in her youth would kill audiences with an impersonation.

    I vote that Sarah Palin not speak for Republican’s ever again. It’s just too embarrassing.

    When one of my liberal friends bring her up, I just shake my head in defeat. I can’t argue for her. It’s like your crazy aunt. You can’t kick her out of the family, you just try to keep her out of sight. Sarah had kind of disappeared. She’s not on Fox anymore, she was just doing whatever she does up in Alaska.

    Well, Trump just gave her the microphone. Get ready to have the crazy aunt blasted all over the place, in all her glorious insanity. “Can I get a hallelujah?”

    You might as well prepare yourself. You know it’s going to happen. Your liberal brother-in-law is going to throw her in your face. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. When someone brings her up to me, I just concede immediately and say something like yeah, well, you have Nancy Pelosi. That helps a little, but there is no defending crazy like Sarah.

    I mean really, do you think she’s drunk?

    Make her stop. Please. I’m cringing over here.

    S.C. Sherman

    Senior Editor

    Steve Sherman is an author, popular radio commentator, and former Iowa House candidate. His articles have appeared nationally in both print and online for Townhall, Human Events, Clash Daily, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics, Forbes, NRATV and others. All of his novels including his most recent tome, Lone Wolf Canyon, a modern day western that infuriates the left and all "Snowflakes," are available here.

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