• Fox News Moderator Attacks Rick Santorum’s Pro-life Record

    During last nights “Under-card” debate Rick Santorum was asked an odd question. It was odd to anyone who has followed Santorum for any amount of time, because it seemingly goes totally against something Senator Santorum has made a pillar of who he is.

    Martha MacCallum asked a pointed question to the Senator calling into question his committment to the unborn.

    She asked, “Carly Fiorina was the only one of the GOP candidates to attend the March For Life in Washington last week. Where were you?”

    Santorum, put on the defense by the question explained his reason for missing the event, “Well I’ve been to the March For Life for about 25 years, I think that’s a pretty good record, spoken at it a few times and shepherded every piece of pro-life legislation that’s passed over the last 20 years, I’ve either authored it or shepherded it through the United States Congress and I’m pretty proud of that record too.” He went on to explain that the snow event that was projected for the East Coast ultimately made his decision to continue campaigning in Iowa.

    The question smacks of ignorance. It may be fair game to question anybody on their commitment to life, but to question Santorum only makes Martha MacCallum or Fox News look dumb. Rick Santorum went on to explain how two times in his life he’d been counseled to abort one of his own children.

    He stated, “Neither time did Karen(his wife) and I, even for a moment, think about it, because we know life begins at conception, we know the dignity of every human life, and we know the potential of every child no matter how long that life lives, and that is a message that can come across to all American’s without having to say a word and defend the institution and dignity of life in this country.”

    Santorum made his point, but Carly Fiorina wasn’t done. She added, “It is outrageous, frankly, that Fox News and you(MacCallum), would question the pro-life credentials of Rick Santorum. That is outrageous.”

    Was the question simply a poor choice by Martha Maccallum? Or was it another attempt at the “Gotcha” game so common in these debates.

    Or is the time of Fair and Balanced over at Fox?

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