• ABC Reporter To Cruz: ‘How Can You Be a President’ If You ‘Hate’ Democrats

    ABC News correspondent Tom Llamas pressed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Wednesday about whether the Texas Senator’s hatred for Democrats would stand in the way of his ability to be an effective president.

    “Some Republicans worry Cruz is too polarizing, too unwilling to compromise with Congress to win in a general election,” Llamas noted in a soundbite seguing into his interview with Cruz.

    “How can you be a president and hate the Democrats and hate the culture of Washington so much and be effective?” Llamas asked.

    Cruz denied the notion that he hates Democrats.

    “I don’t hate the Democrats,” Cruz replied. “It’s Hillary Clinton who describes her, quote, enemies, as Republicans, as half of the country she considers her enemies. I don’t hate the Democrats.”

    Llamas also questioned Cruz about why he thinks Donald Trump has stir controversy surrounding his eligibility for becoming president.

    “Now he is talking about—that you were born in Canada, not criticizing it, but saying that you could have problems in fact,” Llamas said. “Why do you think he’s doing that?”

    “I am not going to try to psycho analyze Donald Trump,” Cruz said.

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