• Ann Coulter Says Donald Trump Will Win Black and Hispanic Vote

    Ann Coulter is devoted to Donald Trump. She goes so far as to believe Donald Trump will win New York with the black and Hispanic vote.

    Never one to shy away from saying what she thinks, no matter how outlandish it sounds to the rest of the world. Controversial Conservative personality Ann Coulter said recently, “I think he’s going to run away with it. He’s the candidate I’ve been dreaming of. In fact, I feel like I’m dreaming watching him on TV. Finally, someone who is not beholden to the idiots at the RNC (Republican National Committee) saying what the American people have been asking for.”

    Ann Coulter doesn’t pull any punches as she opines about Trump during a radio interview. (Click above to hear the whole thing) She claims Trump is going to win the nomination in a landslide starting with wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. After that, it will be essentially over.

    She began by explaining that Trump would win the black vote. That is a tall order for the white, republican from New York. She feels that Immigration being Trump’s signature issue will carry him all the way to the White House. “The American people have been begging and begging for (Donald Trump) for decades, which is why he is sweeping away in the polls. He’s getting people to vote who haven’t voted for decades. The more they attack Trump on his immigration stance it just drives up his black vote.”

    Some polls suggest Trump could garner nearly 20% of the black vote. “And not just the black vote, Hispanics as well, and many more than people expect, but specifically black jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants.”

    Heading into predominantly white, Iowa, polls suggest Trump has regained and increased his lead over Ted Cruz. Mostly by winning over many white evangelicals and much of his support coming from people who claim to be voting for the first time. No one knows for sure if those people will actually turn out in the numbers they are polling at, but even if a strong percentage do engage, Trump will win.

    Ann Coulter continues to effusively praise Trump, but not just for winning the nomination. She is convinced he will be more than formidable in the general election. “Leave aside his fabulous policies, standing up to political correctness…forget how fantastic he is, what a wonderful American he is and how he much loves the American people…maybe he won’t get 68% of the vote in like Alabama or Oklahoma, evangelicals won’t come out in droves for him…but Hispanics (in New York) love Donald Trump, I mean it’s even possible that he could win New York, he’s like the New York Giants, everybody loves him in New York.”

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