• Latest PC Outrage: Men Speak More In Disney Princess Movies!

    Really? Forget #OscarsSoWhite. This is an outrage. #ShutUpDisneyPrincesses. Who knew that cartoon women were being treated so unfairly. Something must be done about it. We should march on the castle at Disney World in Florida. Now that you mention it…a castle? This is worse than I thought. They are definitely part of the 1%. Evil is afoot.

    In all seriousness, according the Washington Post a new study on quantity of lines has proven that Disney women are seen and not heard.

    So how bad is it? Here is the breakdown.

    Only four movies in Disney history, have let the gals speak more than 50% of the time. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, and Brave. What? Wasn’t Sleeping Beauty asleep most of the movie?

    Also, hard to believe Frozen didn’t make this list with two female leads. I guess they counted the snowman Olaf, as a male, but technically, is he? Might need and asterisk there.

    Little girls worldwide loved Frozen. If you had a little girl in your house when that movie came out, the chances that you know all the words to the song, Let it go, are about 100%. Of course, that makes you part of the problem. Way to oppress your little girl with that song. Good job.

    Is this really something to worry about? Are Disney characters harming our girls? In a world full of politically correct outrage, I guess so. Maybe Little Mermaid identifies as mermaid one day and a girl the next, but that’s okay, it’s a cartoon.

    We now spend time counting words in cartoon movies to figure out if women are persecuted. This is a world gone mad.

    I’m sure Walt Disney just rolled over in his ice chamber.

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