• Bernie Sanders – Bill Clinton’s Behavior Was Deplorable

    During the recent Democratic Debate, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was asked about his comments on former President Bill Clinton’s treatment of women as being “deplorable”. All Hillary could do was stand there and nod with a plastic smile frozen on her face. Bernie rambled on about how unimportant her husbands extramarital love life was, yet maintaining it was absolutely deplorable at the same time. Seriously, watch the video again, but watch Hillary the whole time and think…bobble-head.

    In all seriousness, the importance of being a Clinton can’t be understated. While Bernie is walking backwards from Bill Clinton’s long history of abusing women, Bill Cosby is getting hammered. So Bernie and Hillary can ask us all to wink at Bill Clinton and his deplorable behavior that many feel Hillary was complicit in, we are supposed to demonize Bill Cosby for the same behavior? Hypocrisy much? No wonder Hillary feels so guilty about her supposed white privilege. It’s not white privilege that protects her, it’s just the Clinton way. She knows where the bodies are.

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