• Big House or White House? – Hillary Clinton Jeopardized Higher Than Top Secret Emails

    There is blood in the water around Hillary Clinton. The email scandal is showing no sign of disappearing. In fact, it is only worsening for Secretary Clinton with each release of the newly re-discovered emails. Even media outlets like CNN and NBC are beginning to report on the subject and discussing Hillary’s role in the scandal.

    The latest email dump contained several thousand emails Secretary of State Clinton put on unsecured, private, or personal email accounts. Several of those emails had information that was classified actually higher than Top Secret. As General Patraeus is facing demotion for sharing classified information with his former mistress, Hillary’s alleged crimes are much more heinous.

    Could she actually be charged? Will she even go to jail?

    Serious people are starting to think she may actually be indicted. What would that mean for her campaign other than defeat? Defeat might be the least of Hillary’s troubles. If she can’t buy, lie, or bully her way out of this mess, she may be forced to do the time.

    Team Hillary’s enemies are grinning and plotting. I hear rumors that if she’s actually charged, Bernie won’t just sashay to the White House, he’ll be facing crazy, old, uncle Joe Biden. As if we didn’t have enough of a circus going on already with Trump as our ringmaster.

    Imagine that. Hillary goes to jail. The Biden/Bernie ticket takes on Trump/Palin. Cancel all reality TV shows till November. We would have the most entertaining political season in a generation.

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