• College Students Are Dumb! 10% Say Judge Judy Is On the Supreme Court

    A recent study of college students by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni titled A Crisis in Civic Education shows disturbing results. It also explains the reason we get the politicians we do. The findings have raised eyebrows all across the country as it slams home the failure of our education and parenting system.

    The study said, “The grim reality is that college graduates continue to show a level of ignorance of America’s system of government just as high school students do.”

    In the video Judge Judy is quoted, “Dumb ideas come from people who have dumb brains.”

    True words. Maybe Judge Judy should be on the Supreme Court. Another man in the video claimed she was a “Gangsta”. I think he meant it as slang for “She’s Tough”, you’ll have to watch it for yourself. No word on how he scored on the survey.

    Here are a few of the horrifying statistics also found in the study.

    • 10% of college students seriously thought Judge Judy was a Supreme Court Justice.
    • Less than 20% knew what the Emancipation Proclamation did.
    • 60% did not know in what war the Battle of the Bulge was fought.
    • 40% could not place the Civil War in the correct 20 year time period.
    • 40% did not know congress could declare war.
    • 50% could not name the correct length of terms for a US Senator or Congressman.
    • Only 20% could name James Madison as “The Father of the Constitution”.
    • Only 24% scored as having a “Proficient” level of civics knowledge.

    Scary…is all I can say.


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