• Donald Trump Says Everybody Hates Cruz

    "You have to get along to get anything done." -DT

    Cruz v. Trump is definitely shaping up to be a slug-fest. Cruz recently tweeted, “You’d have to wonder which team @realDonaldTrump will play for?” As we’ve all seen, when Trump gets hit, he hits back.  

    He responded with this jab, “When you have somebody that can’t get along with anybody in Washington you’re not gonna get deals done,” Donald went so far as to insinuate that Cruz would be no different than President Obama because neither of them can get a deal done as a direct result of them both being unliked or even hated.

    Trump may sound like a kid on the schoolyard taunting his nemesis with the claim, “Nah, nah, na, nah, nah…nobody likes you!” but does he have a point? President Obama has been left with a phone and pen because he has burned every bridge to congress. The claim may be true, but it cuts both ways. How liked is Trump? It’s plain to see the heavyweights have entered the ring and both are going to leave bloody. The last man standing will be the Republican nominee.

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