• French President To Iran’s Rhouhani: We Drink Wine, Get Over It

    Good for the French! (Wait, are we really writing that?!)

    From The Telegraph:

    The lunch with François Hollande was reportedly dropped as the French refused to bow to demands for halal meat to be served and for the wine to be left off the table.

    France, unlike Italy, has reportedly refused to take wine off the table for Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, meaning he will lunch alone during his historic trip to Paris – the first for an Iranian leader in 17 years.

    Italy covered up its nude statues and did not serve alcohol as to not offend, Muslim Iranian President Rouhani. Rouhani is touring Europe in hopes of establishing new trading alliances.

    The saying, When in Rome, do as the Romans do, has just been forfeited by catering to the whims of a visiting head of state.

    With recent terror attacks on French soil, the French have apparently drawn the line at wine. French President Hollande made it clear that, when in France, you do as the French do, and that means wine with meals. Sorry, Rouhani. How about a side of bacon with that wine.

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