• Germany Uses WATER CANNONS On Its Own People For Protesting Migrant Rapes

    Women celebrating in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve were reportedly groped, sexually assaulted and/or robbed as they walked the streets by hundreds of Muslim men, many who were described as a asylum seeking refugees.

    The number of cases of violence has risen to 516, according to a new report in the Independent and the attacks appear to have been coordinated.

    Thousands of Germans turned flooded the streets of Pegida this week to protest against the Islamic invasion of Europe and the New Year’s Eve sex attacks by hundreds of migrants.

    German officials cracked down on German anti-rape protesters for protesting by sending out hundreds of police officers to intimidate the protesters with water cannons.

    From UK Express:

    Police fire WATER CANNON at Cologne protesters as anger over NYE sex attacks boils over

    Around 1,000 men of “North African and Arabic” appearance formed gangs to rob, rape and assault women in the German town.

    Members of far-right group PEGIDA were among those who took to the streets of the German city to march against the attacks and also express outrage at an alleged cover-up by police and media organisations over the involvement of migrants.

    Police were said to have turned the water cannon on members of the right-wing group after a stand-off with officers threatened to boil over.

    Where were these same storm troopers and the water cannons when the Muslims men were raping  women? Merkel will pay for this with the loss of her office

    Germany is sacrificing its citizens are being sacrificed in the name of Islam and Germany is suffering from the same lack of leadership as the US.

    Despite these recent developments, the Obama administration and its supporters continue to demonize those who question the wisdom of importing thousands of unvetted refugees into the United States. The White House even announced over the weekend a Syrian refugee will be First Lady Michelle Obama’s guest of honor at President Obama’s final State of the Union address, which will take place Tuesday night.

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