• Hey Fox News, Why Does Rand Paul Look A Lot Like Jeb Bush?

    [score]Rand Paul[/score] supporters are crying foul as their candidate seems to be getting treated poorly by Fox News. Rand Paul’s wife Kelley took to Twitter yesterday to humorously show that Fox News may not be as “Fair and Balanced” as they claim when it comes to reporting about her husband.

    She displayed displayed a Fox News graphic that named [score]Rand Paul[/score] in 5th place in a presidential preference poll with 6%, however the picture that accompanied the statistic was none other than [score]Jeb Bush[/score].

    Mrs. Paul comically stated, “Hmm…this does not look my husband!”

    Rand Paul joined in the fun as well saying, “Funny how this only seems to happen to one candidate…Coincidence?”Rand

    All kidding aside, Rand Paul supporters are not happy about the treatment of their candidate. After being left off the main debate stage last time around due to what some called “selective polling”, they are watching for institutional bias.

    Rand Paul has forgone the coffee shops and turned up in bars full of Millennials to talk about the issues. His strategy seems to fly in the face of the traditional political campaign.

    The Students for Rand group has been working hard and have claimed to have an army of faithful followers ready to turn out in surprisingly large numbers to the polls. The claim cannot be substantiated, but in only a few days we will see if Rand Paul and his followers have a big surprise awaiting all the front runners come caucus night in Iowa.

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