• Ice Cube Slams Oscar Boycott (VIDEO)

    Ice Cube, actor and producer of the movie Straight Outa Compton, is not joining in with the #OscarsSoWhite complaints. He is the one man who should be complaining as it was his movie that began the controversy.

    Straight Outa Compton has been nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Critics feel that was a slap in the face to the many great performances by black actors/actresses in that film. Ice Cube shows incredible maturity and poise in the video interview below as he describes his feelings on Oscar nominations.

    “We got accolades from all levels. Being mad about not getting one guild or academy’s recognition is like crying about not having enough icing on your cake.”

    “We don’t do movies for the industry,” Ice Cube said, “we do movies for the fans, for the people.”

    His opinion slams the growing group of complainers and boycotters with his understanding of his craft. When asked if he was boycotting the event he replied, “You can’t boycott something that you never went to anyway. Once your horse loses the race, you tear up your ticket and go home.”

    His comments were refreshing in contrast to the politically correct whining that is #OscarsSoWhite.

    With the quality movie that a man like Ice Cube creates, you can bet this won’t be the last Oscar nomination for him. He understands the beauty of creating something with entertainment value and he is a voice that should be heard. Jada Smith, not so much.

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