• Lena Dunham: ‘Horrific Gender Attacks’ on Hillary Prove The ‘Hatred’ America Has for Successful Women

    Actress Lena Dunham claimed on Friday while campaigning for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton that Clinton has endured “horrific gender attacks ” that prove the existence of a hatred for successful women in the United States.

    “I cannot talk about Hillary Clinton without also acknowledging the horrific gender attacks on every aspect of her character that she has endured of the media,” Dunham told an audience made up of mostly women in in New Hampshire.

    Dunham, donning a costume emblazoned with the Democratic front-runner’s name, argued that Clinton as successful in spite of a misogynistic American culture.

    “She handled it with unimaginable calm. But the way that she has been treated is just more evidence of the fact that our country has so much hatred toward successful women, and an inability to separate their accomplishments from that of powerful men.”

    The feminist activist, who is an admitted child molester, emphasized that she was not supporting Clinton merely because of the former Secretary of State’s gender.

    “Nothing gets me angrier than when someone implies that I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because, frankly, because she’s a woman,” she said. “Thank you. It’s not like we have some feminist version of beer goggles that is called estrogen blindness, which causes us to go walking towards the nearest vagina and vote for them. This assumption is condescending at best and is sharply misogynistic at worst.”

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