• More PC BS – Military Reviewing Gender Specific Titles

    The political correctness has got to stop. Watch the video report above to see how far gone we are. Our military is seriously considering changing titles like “Infantryman” to be less offensive to women.

    Make it stop. Maybe we should rename females something else entirely? The title “Female” has the word “Male” in it. The term “Woman” contains the word “Man”. These must all be changed to stop the male oppression of women. Sorry, I said it again.

    A new term must be created to allow women to rise unfettered by male dominated language. What should it be?

    Here are a few ideas for what we should use instead of woman, women, and female:

    Gynocentric, Matronic, or Amazon? The Amazon were warrior women who enslaved men, that should make any feminist happy, if that is possible.

    This PC BS is killing this country. It’s time to stop the madness!

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