• MoveOn.org: Bernie Sanders’s Socialism Is AWESOME


    If you have a brain, the above video was hard to watch. It was necessary for your own good. If you need a minute to go shout or hit something, go ahead and take a moment.

    This video is important because of the ancient message found in The Art of War by SunTzu. Know thy enemy, know thyself, and in a hundred battles you will not be defeated. 

    This beautiful video produced by MoveOn.Org and George Soros is a glimpse into the minds of what we’re up against. They really believe this stuff.

    6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics takes the mask off what is at the core of liberalism…socialism. Bernie goes “Full Monty” and is one of the first to make it to the national stage actually admitting he’s a socialist. And his popularity continues to grow. Team Hillary has to be in panic mode as old Bernie is poised to possibly upset Iowa and definitely take New Hampshire.

    The video addresses 6 main myths that Democrats have about Bernie.

    1   Bernie could never beat Trump or Cruz in a general election. Answer- Look at the polls. Bernie is the strongest against both. Hillary will lose to Cruz.

    2  He couldn’t get any of his ideas implemented because congress would reject them. Answer-So what, he’ll use executive orders and regulations.

    3   America would never elect a socialist. Answer-Please…America loves social insurance, social security, medicare, roads, military, etc. all socialism.

    4   Bernie’s single payer health care plan would raise taxes on the middle class. Answer-Wrong, well a little tax raising, but single payer is way cheaper for the citizen overall. Just look at all the foreign countries that do it. UK, France, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, and more.

    5   Free college by taxing Wall Street means colleges would be run by the government. Answer-Who cares? Currently state governments oversee colleges that are attended by 75% of our students.

    6   He’s too old. Answer-He’s in great health. Have you seen how agile he is? These days, 70 is the new 60!

    There you have it. That is how President Sanders becomes a reality. Now go lie down for a minute…it was just a video. It’s not reality, not yet. Vote Republican…any Republican.

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