• Oscars Too White! Outrage. Dem Candidates Too White! No Outrage.

    You may have already heard that Will Smith and his wife Jada are not attending the Oscars this year in outrage. They are crying racism due to the fact that no black actors up for awards. When asked about his decision, Will Smith said, “This is about children who are going to sit down and watch the show and not see themselves represented.”

    Okay…why is it always about the children? Can’t the children turn on a TV and watch the President of the free world speak and feel a little representation? How about sports? Yeah, pretty diverse. How about singers? Yep, all races covered.

    So is the Academy racist? There are plenty of black actors. Have any of them won awards? Why yes they sure have. Here are the stats.

    In the last 20 years:

    10% of the Best Supporting Actor winners were black

    20% of the Best Supporting Actresses were black

    15% of the Best Leading Actor winners were black

    5% of the Best Leading Actresses were black

    That averages out to 12.5% Oscar winners were black in the last 20 years. The African American population is 13%.

    Seems like there might not be too much real racism going on at the Oscars, maybe the Smith’s just had a prior commitment and needed an excuse to bail.

    I know somewhere that is awfully white? Almost like it’s a whites-only club or something. The Democrat candidates for president. White, white and all white. I wonder if Will Smith will boycott watching anymore Democrat debates, you know, because of the poor children not being represented.

    They could tune in to the Republican debate however and see several white men and a woman, a black man, and two Hispanics. The Republican’s would have had a man of Indian descent as well, but Jindahl has dropped out.

    I guess it’s safe to let kids of any color watch the Republicans.

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