• Pentagon May Demote General Patraeus Over Old Scandal. Why?

    The Pentagon is considering demoting Four Star General David Patraeus four years after his retirement and payment of a $100,000 fine. How much more do they need to punish the General for his indiscretions? He was once so popular a run for president seemed logical.

    Years later, he is gone from public life and living in obscurity due to the depth of his scandalous extramarital affair. His offenses included sharing classified information with his mistress. The video discusses several reasons this could be happening now.

    The General Patraeus demotion isn’t happening in a bubble. Some believe the fact that Hillary Clinton has her own email troubles related with sharing of classified information is why this story has been brought back to life.

    Wouldn’t it be a twist of irony that the General is demoted and punished to the maximum allowed, because the prosecutors are attempting to set a precedence for the next high profile offender?

    Would he welcome a stronger punishment if it meant that Hillary would face the maximum punishment? It sounds like a question from a board game. Would you rather be killed by a scorpion or a snake? Would watching Hillary take a hard fall, make your fall a little sweeter?

    The video goes on to discuss that the offenses that Patraeus is guilty of are much less heinous than what Secretary Clinton is in peril of being charged with. Hillary recently has been linked with misuse of an email that was labeled a clearance level more secret that “Top Secret”.

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