• Marco Rubio Gets Des Moines Register Endorsement In Iowa

    Presidential candidate Marco Rubio recently added the Des Moines Register as a key endorsement. While Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are slugging it out for what looks like first and second, the race in Iowa is far from decided. The Register’s endorsement is important as it is the largest and only statewide newspaper in Iowa. It uses it’s editorial board to endorse one candidate from each party.

    The Register announced it’s endorsement of Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    The fact that within Iowa the newspaper is widely thought of as,  far left leaning, has some asking, Does the Register’s endorsement help or hurt Rubio?

    Rubio continues to hold steady at third in most polls in Iowa. He has been personally present on the ground in the coffee shops and campaign events which has shown to be critical to perform well in the Hawkeye state. The newspaper is widely read by a diminishing older crowd that has not switched over to getting their news online. These people tend to be middle of the road conservatives who would naturally gravitate toward Rubio anyway.

    The Register’s history of selecting the Republican caucus winner has not been great. In 2008, the Register endorsed John McCain and Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucus. In 2012, they selected Mitt Romney, while Rick Santorum won the caucus.

    However, if you notice they did successfully endorse the eventual nominee in both of the last two presidential elections. We will see if that scenario plays out again.

    Other endorsements of note last week. Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump and Glenn Beck endorsed Ted Cruz. The effect any of these endorsements have are difficult to gauge, but they keep the candidate in the news and sometimes, that is worth more than the endorsement itself.

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