• Ted Cruz: Trump Is No Ronald Reagan

    In a recent interview presidential hopeful, [score]Ted Cruz[/score] was asked about his main rival, businessman Donald Trump’s claim that he is “bigger than Ronald Reagan”. Almost every Republican candidate since Reagan has aspired to attach themselves to the almost worship-like love that conservatives still hold for Ronnie.

    Few have gone so far as to claim they are bigger than the beloved president. Trump is a man unafraid to make bold claims about himself. His followers find it refreshing and strong, while his detractors are filled with disgust at the utterance of the names, Reagan and Trump, in the same sentence.

    Ted Cruz hits it out of the park in his rebuttal of such a claim. Cruz reminds conservatives that Ronald Reagan spent “decades” as a principled conservative defending and promoting his free market views and the constitution. In contrast, Trump has been in support of things like the TARP Big Bank Bailout, and expanding Obamacare to turn it into socialized medicine. Cruz reminds conservative voters that Ronald Reagan was a voice of consistency.

    Cruz goes on to methodically lay out a litany of Democratic candidates whom The Donald has financially supported. The message being, would Reagan have done that? Would Reagan have supported the likes of [score]Andrew Cuomo[/score], [score]Anthony Weiner[/score], [score]Rahm Emanuel[/score], and [score]Hillary Clinton[/score]?

    Cruz refrains from jabbing Trump in the mouth, but definitely lands a couple shots to the body. Maybe he is learning. Cruz leaves judgement of which candidate is more like Reagan up to the American people.

    He asks, “Who has in fact, been a consistent conservative? Not, who has adopted conservative language on the campaign trail? But who’s walked the walk? Who has stood for these principles over and over again? You know where they stand yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

    It won’t be long, February 1st in fact, and all the talk will finally start to turn into votes. Who conservatives believe will be determined by the counting. Who Reagan would endorse remains a mystery.

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