• Trump Fires Fox! He’s A Man Among Children

    Donald Trump ended his ongoing feud with Fox News and personality, Megyn Kelly by officially dropping out of the upcoming debate. Trump made a calculated decision and fired Fox before they could attack him, ridicule him, or ignore him. He wasn’t going to allow Megyn Kelly to have her shot.

    Many on the right are mocking Donald Trump as weak. Saying if he can’t stand up to Megyn Kelly, he won’t last against Putin. They’re missing the point. He will be smoking fat cigars with Putin working out deals. He is brilliant. There’s no way around it.

    This last debate was a lose/lose for him. He instantly turned it into a big win. Yuuuge actually. Trump is in this to destroy his rivals. His rivals are trying to put forward their best plans in hopes of winning support, just like every other year. That won’t work against Trump. He’s not a normal candidate. He doesn’t care if you like his policies. He is playing a game and he is determined to win.

    He is so good at this game, he makes the others look like children. He knows the secret to getting people to tune in and watch talking. He’s done it before and he’s doing it now. The other candidates appear small, and confused. The media is tripping over themselves, just trying to keep up. Pundits on both sides have crashed their careers on the rock that is Trump.

    The brilliance of dropping out of this debate is staggering. He will be covered by all the press and talked about more than any candidate in the debate. A win. He will be loved or hated by the media, but constantly talked about on air. A win. When the numbers of viewers for the debate is substantially down, he’ll take credit even though they would have been down anyway as everyone is bored with these debates. A win. He has said he will run a fundraising event simultaneously at debate time to raise money for wounded warriors while giving Fox the middle finger. A win.

    It won’t matter what anyone says in the debate. Trump just won it.

    This man is playing the system against itself. He’s a showman. He knows how to wiggle the strings. Smoke and mirrors don’t bother him. He owns them. His tent just keeps getting bigger. He is the first Republican candidate ever to take on Fox and win. The huge number of conservatives who have entirely quit watching Fox are laughing their rear ends off and thinking Trump isn’t so bad after all. They’re enjoying Trump sticking it to Fox.

    Democrats are loving it too. They hate Fox with an irrational emotion that makes them crazy. The fact that Trump destroyed Fox’s debate and slapped the pretty blonde as well…that’s off the charts. (Feminists all hate Megyn for being so hot). Liberals who love to call, Fox…Faux News are giddy. A plurality of this years Democrats secretly can’t stand Hillary. Have you seen Bernie’s poll numbers? With Trump aligning against Fox, some of them will go to Trump over Bernie. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    They will think he’s their friend, but he’s not. He’s just playing to win and stabbing Fox in the heart just brought in a ton of new liberals to Team Trump. How many Conservatives did he lose over this? None he hadn’t lost already.

    Trump is a man among children. They don’t stand a chance. It’s hardly fair.

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