• Undercover Video – Exposing The Gun Show Loophole

    With each new shooting the politicians and gun control activists go crazy. We tend to hear about the horrible “Gun Show Loophole” that allows pretty much anyone to buy weapons at gun shows. Right?

    Among liberals, it is popular belief that “assault” type weapons including those that are fully automatic, which are illegal, are routinely sold at gun shows without background checks.

    In the name of the children, this must stop!

    Conservative funnyman, Steven Crowder, went undercover to see if he could bust open the gun show loophole. Watch as gun sellers “act” as if it is illegal to buy fully automatic weapons. Notice how these purveyors of death pretend that they can’t sell guns without a federal background check.

    In this hilarious video you will see that from one seller to the next, they tend to be skeptical, and even unwilling to bend or break the rules. One man actually stating that, “if you came back with a million dollars cash, I still wouldn’t sell a (fully automatic weapon) to you”.

    These sellers were obviously tipped off that an undercover sting was underway. These completely random and unaffiliated gun sellers were obviously involved in a coordinated effort to thwart Mr. Crowder’s video, because everyone knows that the gun show loophole is very real.

    Politician after politician has said so. So, it’s so. No amount of “fake” or “doctored” video like this will change the anti-gun mind.

    Okay. the funniest line in the whole video comes when a dealer from Indiana tells Mr. Crowder he can’t sell him a weapon because he’s from Illinois. Mr. Crowder says, “What about the fact that the President says you can?” The dealer answers, “The President is f***ing wrong.”

    All kidding aside, if you watch this entire video, consider the “Gun Show Loophole” lie completely and absolutely debunked!

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