• United Kingdom Debates Whether Or Not To Ban Donald Trump

    In America, many are worried about immigrant refugees who may secretly be terrorists. Presidential candidate Donald J.Trump has stated the United States should temporarily ban all Muslim’s from entering the country. His comments have sparked spirited debate and become a major issue in the campaign for the White House.

    While America worries about real dangers like admitting terrorists, the British Parliament debates whether or not they should ban Donald Trump due to his offensive remarks. I guess that whole freedom of speech thing must be uniquely American. Trump definitely brings out the passion in people. Apparently, Trump inspires people to love him or hate him with equally rabid enthusiasm.

    At least 500K Brits don’t like The Donald as they signed a petition to bar his entry to England. That petition required the debate in Parliament. Will he be banned? Doubtful. Especially, since Trump has responded with threats of his own. If banned from the UK, Trump may pull around a billion dollars in UK investments in his golf courses and hotels.

    The UK might want to rethink starting a fight with Trump, he doesn’t take things lying down. I would imagine that President Trump would forgive the slight, but only after a fair amount of payback. Perhaps an Executive Order banning the entire royal family? If England isn’t careful, Prince Charles may have to kiss Trump’s ring to restore our cozy friendship.

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