• Obama’s Chief Of Staff: White House Will ‘Aggressively Defend’ Acceptance Of Syrian Refugees

    White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough affirmed the White House’s commitment to increase acceptance of refugees on Wednesday.

    McDonough said he was proud of the White House’s efforts to fulfill refugee quotas for the first time since 9/11  and is confident the budget approved by Congress at the end of 2015 allocates the resources to continue to increase quotas.

    From Talking Points Memo:

    “My hunch is that it will continue to be controversial, for the reasons the President pointed out in the speech last night,” McDonough said.

    He said that the administration will continue to make the point that accepting refugees adds “immeasurably to the national interest” and is prepared to put up a fight against those who oppose current policies.

    “We’re going to get out there and aggressively defend that,” he said.

    “That will be tough to beat, as it was last year,” McDonough said of the administration’s focus on accepting refugees. “And we’ll see how it goes. But we won’t shy from it.”

    McDonough said that while growing up in Minnesota, his family sponsored a Vietnamese refugee family, and that he and his wife have since sponsored refugees in Washington, D.C. He said those experiences “partially motivates my own view of this.”

    The chief of staff also said that the administration plans to expand the number of refugees the U.S. accepts overall and that he believes the budget passed by Congress allows them to do so.

    The Obama administration is adamant about background checks for lawful gun owners, but background checks for Syrian refugees they don’t find necessary.

    A newly released Gallup poll shows well over half of America is against President Barack Obama’s call to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees to resettle in the United States. Merely 37 percent supported the idea, while 60 percent said they oppose taking in large amounts of refugees in the wake of the recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

    After seeing what is happening in Europe, these traitorous politicians are still willing to sacrifice American citizens and the American way of life despite the wishes of the majority of the American people. Congress must act now to stop this suicidal policy from being enacted by the White House.

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