• Bernie and Hillary Battle Over Who Can Give Away More Free Stuff

    Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton love Iowa. Currently, averaging 15 to 25 degrees before windchill. In the summer, Iowa is beautiful and green. In February, it’s full of frozen fields and hot prospects. The two democrats are in the mad dash to the finish line. The video above claims they are zigzagging the state in search of a caucus win. If you notice the map, they never leave eastern Iowa. Eastern Iowa decidedly leans a lot more to the left than the rest of the state.

    Western Iowa has repeatedly elected conservative firebrand Congressman Steve King. A democrat lost cause. However, in the east, Johnson County is home to the University of Iowa Hawkeyes and is referred to by instate conservatives as “The Peoples Rebublic of Johnson County” because it leans so far left.

    That is why the democrats running for president love eastern Iowa. It’s filled with all those liberal votes they need to win the Hawkeye Cauci. Hillary, Chelsea, and Bill Clinton have all been in Johnson county multiple times in the last 30 days. Bernie has been around so much most democrats have seen him repeatedly and are definitely #FeelingTheBern.

    The video report claims that just last weekend Hillary garnered more than 2000 people at an event, while Bernie pulled in a whopping 4000. The polls have shown a tight race still leaning toward Secretary Clinton, but Sanders seems to be surging due to his accessibility and passionate speeches.

    In eastern Iowa, he’s preaching to the choir and they are full of nothing but amen’s for his brand democratic socialism. Will Bernie’s gains translate into enough votes to upset the heir apparent, Hillary Clinton? Next week, we find out.

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