• Barack WHINES About ‘Income Inequality’ At $33,000-Per-Plate Fundraiser

    Two things:

    First, the obvious hypocrisy that goes with bitching about “income inequality” at a San Francisco fundraiser that exceeds $30,000… a plate.

    Second, isn’t MC Prez tacitly admitting that his last eight years have been a huge failure at creating economic mobility for every income bracket? Hell, he’s basically admitting that he’s been the president of the “rich.”

    From the Hill:

    Obama has previously expressed surprise by the enthusiasm generated by Trump and Sanders. But he urged donors attending the $33,400-per-ticket fundraiser to understand that populist candidates in both parties are tapping into something real.

    “Despite all the progress we’ve made … what is true is that people are anxious,” the president said. “People are deeply concerned about inequality in the sense that the system is rigged against ordinary folks.”

    “And they’re not wrong.”

    Obama’s audience was full of members of the “1 percent,” the type of people Sanders, a democratic socialist, has railed against.

    The fundraiser was held at the home of Steve Westly — a former California gubernatorial candidate, major Democratic donor and former eBay executive — in Atherton, Ca., annually listed as one of the wealthiest towns in America.

    H/T Townhall.

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