• SHOVEL READY? Carrier Moving 1400 Jobs To Mexico AND Got $5.1 Million In Stimulus Cash

    You may have heard that Carrier Corporation is moving 1400 jobs to Mexico. A slap in the face to the Obama recovery and hammering home the fact the that America’s recovery is non-existent. A major loss of jobs to a foreign nation is bad enough, but it just got worse.

    Apparently, Carrier Corporation took more than $5 million in stimulus money to make new green air conditioners right in Indianapolis. Well, that money is gone and Mexico gets the jobs.

    From Breitbart:

    Heating and air-conditioning company Carrier, which has announced it will move 1,400 Americans’ jobs to Mexico, received $5.1 million from the Obama administration.

    Local media reported the “Department of Energy awarded Carrier $5.1 million in clean energy tax credits in December 2013” for its Indianapolis facility. They planned to use the money to “expand production at its Indianapolis facility to meet increasing demand for its eco-friendly condensing gas furnace product line.”

    How much money down the drain from the stimulus package? How much of that money lined the pockets of the corrupt crony businesses and foundations? Carrier is a viable American company. This just proves the government should not pick winners and losers.

    Despite the money, the company announced last week they decided to move 1,400 jobs to Mexico. Local union representatives will discuss the move with Carrier. Fox 59 reportedthat some “employees will be entitled to severance benefits, including access to the company’s Employee Scholar Program, which pays for tuition, books and fees at accredited higher education institutions.” Read on…


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