• IOWA DEM: If Women Can’t Have Abortions, Men Can’t Have Viagra


    An Iowa State Representative introduced a bill to the legislature designed to prove a point. Call it the Viagra Bill.

    Congresswoman Mary Mascher (D), states that she never intended the bill to pass that would severely impair a man’s ability to get the erectile dysfunction drugs commonly sold today. It was proprosed to bring awareness to abortion rights for women.

    How crazy can you be? This woman has actually been elected to office, repeatedly.

    However well meaning this was, it makes no sense. Mascher, an abortion advocate, is bothered by the Republicans desire to slow down or impair in any way the access to abortion.

    Is it too much to ask a woman to look at a sonogram or think about it for a 24 hours prior killing  a living “fetus”? For Mz. Mascher, yes that is way too much to ask.

    By any comedic stretch of the imagination abortion and a man enduring a four hour hard on have no common ground!

    Why is the left fine with waiting periods and background checks for citizens desiring to own a gun, but have no problem with instantaneous abortion on demand?

    If Mz. Mascher had her way, men would be denied access to ED medication and forced to get it in the back alley. Of course, men being denied erection meds would seriously effect women as well, would it not? Again, the leftist war on women rears its ugly head!

    From the Sioux City Journal:

    Rep. Mary Mascher, D-Iowa City, said she only was trying to make a point with her bill to require a man seeking a prescription for drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Avanafil that are used to treat erectile dysfunction, to have at least one of his sexual partners certify he has experienced that condition and that he receive information on non-pharmaceutical treatments, including counseling and resources on celibacy as a “viable lifestyle choice.”

    Mascher’s proposal, House File 2141, didn’t get a subcommittee hearing, the first step toward legislative approval before Friday’s deadline for bills to be approved by a committee to remain alive for further consideration.

    “I didn’t intend for it to become law,” said Mascher, a retired school teacher serving her 11th session.

    “I just wanted to make the point that if men had to jump through all of the hoops women have to go through they would have a fit,” she said.

    Among those hoops men would have had to go through had HF 2141 become law would be at least one of the patient’s sexual partners being interviewed by the physician to verify that he had experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction in the previous 90 days, meeting with a mental health professional to determine that the symptoms are not solely attributable to psychological conditions, a stress test to determine the patient’s cardiac health is compatible with sexual activity and notifying the patient in writing of the potential risks and complications associated with taking drugs to treat erectile dysfunction.

    Also, a man would need to have the cardiac stress test every 90 days to get his prescription refilled and he must attend three sessions of outpatient counseling within six months to ensure he understands the dangerous side effects of drugs intended to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

    “Men would be offended by anything that required them to jump through that many hoops – for something they feel entitled to,” Mascher said.

    And they would be right to feel the government was unnecessarily interfering in their life, she added.

    Her proposal would infringe on individual rights in the same way as bills offered annually to restrict a woman’s access to abortion, Mascher said. Those bills include requiring women to wait at least 24 hours to obtain an abortion after consulting a doctor, viewing a sonogram of their fetus and receiving counseling about the possible psychological impact of abortion.

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