• GOD HELP US! Bernie’s A Socialist And Millennials Love Him. Here’s Why.

    The overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders from our nations youth is disturbing to say the least. Many older and wiser Americans are incredulous…Sanders is a fully-committed-out-of-the-closet-socialist!

    It makes no sense. What happened to the land of the free?

    Here’s a millennial trying to explain the Bernie phenomenon from Red Alert Politics:

    Political parties have become more ideologically consistent, and the Democratic Party now has more liberals in its ranks than moderates.
    A new Pew poll found that self-described liberal Democrats have increased from 27 percent in 2000 to 42 percent in 2015 as moderates have declined from 45 percent to 38 percent in the same time period. Conservative Democrats have declined as well, dropping from 23 percent of the party to 17 percent.

    White Democrats have seen the largest increase in embracing the liberal label, and the more education a Democratic voter has, the more likely they are to respond that they are liberal. Black Democrats, in contrast, are more likely to describe themselves as moderate (42 percent) or conservative (29 percent) than liberal (27 percent). For Hispanic Democrats, moderates are the largest group (39 percent), followed by liberals (35 percent) and conservatives (24 percent).

    “While most Americans continue to express at least some mix of liberal and conservative attitudes, the shares who hold both uniformly liberal or conservative values is growing,” Pew noted. Political parties have coalesced toward a conservative or liberal philosophy in recent decades, and the space for moderates or idiosyncratic voters have narrowed. Policies, on a philosophical level, have become more consistent, but, as the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have illustrated, some voters can become disenfranchised from mainstream parties.

    Among Democrats, and especially young Democrats, that liberal label hints at a favorable tilt toward socialism. Part of the appeal is a lack of understanding what socialism means, or using “socialist” as a synonym for anything the government does.

    Promises of free college, no-cost health care, and higher taxation on the wealthy addresses some millennial concerns, and makes socialism sound a lot kinder than the current meltdown in Venezuela, or the totalitarian governments their parents knew of during the Cold War. Indeed, some college professors have cited millennial support for Bernie Sanders as a “symptom of our failure to educate” the youth on history, economics, and morality.

    That can overlook the intelligence of millennials, however. Ignorance of socialism plays into the countercultural attraction of going Red, but the current parties have done little to address the anxieties of younger voters. Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in America, yet politicians ignore them in favor of older generations who vote in larger numbers. It’s also no coincidence that those older generations lead support for intergenerational wealth transfers that favor them at the expense of millennials.

    Among Democrats and Republicans, both sides offer a few plans on higher education, but say little about future opportunities for young Americans or speak to them without condescension. When a populist or self-described democratic socialist emerges, and talks about millennial issues, it’s no surprise that that alternative gains majority youth support.

    When Ben Franklin was asked what the Founding Fathers had given us, he said, “A republic if you can keep it.” A strange saying, unless you understand the fragile nature of our system and that the real threat to our destruction lies within our borders.

    Humans will willingly yoke themselves to socialism rather than fight for freedom. Depressing.

    Hopefully, many of the Millenials will wake up from the “Free Stuff” high they are on before it’s too late.

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