• Bloodiest January Since 2000 – Obama’s Chicago Gun Controlled Dreams Go Up In Smoke


    President Barack Obama loves gun control. He also loves Chicago. Chicago is widely known to have the most stringent gun control laws of any major American city. So why then is gun violence skyrocketing? January 2016 has been the bloodiest since 2000.

    From the Chicago Tribune:

    Two hours into 2016, DeAndre Holiday, a 24-year-old father of three, became another sad statistic of Chicago’s runaway violence, fatally shot in the chest as he left a New Year’s Eve party in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side.

    In the weeks since, the tally of those killed has hit 50, making January the deadliest start to a year in Chicago in at least 16 years.

    As many people died in January as in many summer months, the usual peak season for violence.

    In all, 50 were killed as of Sunday morning — a figure that includes three beating and stabbing deaths, the analysis showed. That’s the most homicides in January since at least 2000 — as far back as publicly available city statistics go. The Police Department was unable to provide numbers further back.

    It might be time to think about letting people arm themselves. The police cannot protect Chicago adequately. The Second Amendment needs to make a comeback in Chicago or the blood will keep flowing. When only the bad guys have weapons, the citizens pay the price in life lost.

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