• Concerned Veterans For America Calls BS On Sanders and Clinton Lies

    Concerned Veterans for America issued a statement detailing the falsehoods put forward in the recent Democrat debate by candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Both candidates had the audacity to act like the problems at the VA were not as bad as reported and attack the veterans advocacy group, the CVA, as a front for the Koch brothers.

    CVA Vice President for Legislative and Political Action Dan Caldwell stated:

    “Not surprisingly, Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton, who have both downplayed and minimized the problems at the VA, blatantly misrepresented CVA’s reform proposals during a recent debate. In our Fixing Veterans Health Care Task Force report, we very clearly state that we oppose completely dismantling and privatizing the VA. While Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton are engaging in false and petty political attacks, CVA is offering serious, bipartisan, and in-depth policy proposals to reform and fix the VA.

    “Additionally, calling CVA a ‘front group’ is an insult to the thousands of employees and volunteers for CVA across the country who have worn the uniform in the defense of our nation. Many CVA staff members and volunteers are also combat veterans – including some who have been wounded in action and decorated for valor. These are a devoted group of patriots who have dedicated their lives to defending and improving our great country and deserve better than false and misleading attacks from top presidential candidates.”

    If Hillary, Bernie, and the Democrats were so big on fixing the VA, why haven’t they done it under President Obama? He has a pen and a phone. Why have they not eliminated the waiting lines and poor treatment? Crickets.

    It’s easier to demonize the other side than actually get something done. When it comes to our veterans being used as pawns in the political chess game, this is disgusting.

    No matter who backs a group, if their mission is to make the lives of our American veterans better, everyone should support it.

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