• CRIME FINALLY PAYS: DC Plans To Pay People NOT To Commit Crime

    Washington D.C. the seat of government and the birthplace of great ideas. Maybe not. The D.C. Council recently decided to copy a program operating in Richmond, California that actually pays “at risk” people not to commit crimes.

    Richmond Community Service Director, Devonne Boggan, describes the program for PIX11 News:

    That paradigm already exists – in Richmond, California. A town of 100,000 people, where Boggan took a novel approach to making the streets safer.

    “We’ve got to do something dramatically different,” Boggan said.

    In 2010, Boggan and his team hit the streets, and began reaching out directly to the so called bad guys.

    He worked intensely with them, traveled with the guys, showed them the path to turning their life around.

    But he didn’t stop there. He also offered them cash – up to $1,000 a month – as an incentive to remain out of trouble – and in his program.

    It’s been tremendously successful in Richmond, and Washington D.C.’s local lawmakers have already adopted the program.

    Richmond has experienced, between 2007 and 2014, a 76 percent reduction in firearm-related homicides and 66 percent reduction in firearm-related assaults, according to Boggan.

    The success of the program is what enticed the D.C. lawmakers to give it a try. That is how desperate they are to curb the crime problem. The question remains, can a program like this work with a much larger population than Richmond?

    Many feel that it is simply another example of the heights of stupidity for local government. D.C. will be the proving grounds. Forget food stamps.

    We are now paying people to NOT commit crimes. You can’t make this stuff up!

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