• DARK SIDE OF THE SUPER BOWL: Activists Fight ‘Sex Trafficking’


    It’s outrageous that this sh*t goes on in first world countries still.

    That’s what one YouTube commenter noted from the video report above. And he’s right — it is outrageous that sexual slavery is a thing here in the United States.

    But it is.

    Sex trafficking is a staggering $32 billion dollar industry, according to the feds.

    That’s BILLION with a B.

    And while most football fans were gearing up to watch the Panthers and Broncos go head-to-head in Super Bowl 50, an estimated 10,000 prostitutes descended into the Bay area, some of them underage girls as young as 11 who have been kidnapped.

    Theresa Flores knows firsthand the horrors of sex trafficking.

    At age 15, she was forced into sexual servitude for almost two years after a boy she liked drugged and raped her, photographed the encounter, then blackmailed her with the pictures to do exactly what he said. She was eventually able to escape her tormenter’s grip, but not before she was exploited at least three times a week with up to four different men a night, which, again, lasted nearly two whole years.

    Theresa tells CRIME WATCH DAILY’S Jason Mattera how her nightmare began, and how she’s turned her physical and emotional pains into something positive: SOAP.

    That stands for “Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution.”

    Theresa and her army of volunteers visited every hot sheet motel they could find in the San Jose area, armed with little bars of soap they give to the managers. On the back of the soap is a hotline for girls to call and get rescued by law enforcement.

    Theresa tells CRIME WATCH DAILY that the pimps generally don’t go into the motel rooms, so it’s unlikely that they’ll spot the bar of soap with the lifeline on it. And thus far, they haven’t, as Theresa’s group has been able to rescue numerous underage girls, some of whom were declared to be ‘missing persons’ by authorities.

    And it’s not just the Super Bowl, as SOAP activists target every major sporting event, trade show, and even political conventions throughout the year.

    See the riveting video report above.

    Theresa’s personal story is powerful.

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