• Georgetown Law Profs Accuse Scalia Of ‘Bullying,’ ‘Bigotry,’ And ‘Oppression’ In Email To Students

    When Georgetown Dean William N. Treanor sent out a press release praising the work of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and mourning his passing, it was too much for some professors to take.

    Professors Gary Peller and Louis Seidman immediately pushed back to be sure everyone understood exactly how they felt about Scalia. Emily Jashinsky wrote a piece detailing the Georgetown events at Georgetown Law. She sent out a tweet summing up how the two unhappy professors felt:


    From The Young America’s Foundation piece by Emily Jashinsky:

    In a message obtained by Young America’s Foundation, two Georgetown University Law professors blasted out a shocking campus wide email Tuesday afternoon accusing Justice Antonin Scalia of “bullying,” “bigotry,” and “oppression,” and claiming students should not “lionize” or “emulate” him.

    Professors Gary Peller and Louis Seidman sent an email to Georgetown’s student body specifically to rebut a statement from Dean William M. Treanor who had mourned Scalia’s death in a press release issued Saturday, February 13.

    In his statement, Treanor thoughtfully remembered Scalia’s “passion” for the law and “generous involvement” in the campus community.

    Recalling a lecture Scalia gave to first year students last November, Treanor wrote, “The justice offered first-year students his insights and guidance, and he stayed with the students long after the lecture was over… He cared passionately about the profession, about the law and about the future, and the students who were fortunate enough to hear him will never forget the experience. We will all miss him.”

    Professor Gary Peller rebutted:

    Peller wrote, “I imagine many other faculty, students and staff, particularly people of color, women and sexual minorities, cringed at the headline and at the unmitigated praise with which the press release described a jurist that many of us believe was a defender of privilege, oppression and bigotry, one whose intellectual positions were not brilliant but simplistic and formalistic.”

    The email continued, “[Scalia] was not a legal figure to be lionized or emulated by our students. He bullied lawyers, trafficked in personal humiliation of advocates, and openly sided with the party of intolerance in the ‘culture wars’ he often invoked.”

    Like radical leftists around the country who could not contain their vitriol upon news of Scalia’s sudden passing, these professors felt compelled to tarnish the reputation of a great man only days after his death.

    To read the entire story and the full email exchange click here.

    Given the chance to spit on the grave of a Supreme Court Justice, these two professors wasted no time. It’s scary to realize how much influence men like this have over the next generation of lawyers and judges.

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