• Hey Cops…Any Volunteers To Protect Beyonce’ At A Concert In Florida? Hmmm, NO, Not One

    Nice to see our men in blue react appropriately to the sick, cop-hating, black panthers loving, and BLM worship that was the Super Bowl performance. Beyonce’ asks local cops to volunteer for security at her shows, as is common for performers.

    A funny thing happened…not one signed up. Rolling…on the floor…laughing! Karma is beotch! What comes around goes around.

    Beyonce’ has said, her alter ego “Sasha Fierce” possesses her body when she performs. I guess Sasha will have to hire her own security.

    From The Political Insider:

    The world watched as Beyonce performed a race-baiting, cop-bashing performance at Super Bowl 50. The NFL should have never allowed that to happen during America’s biggest annual sporting event.

    The costumes worn during the song “Formation” promote the Black Panther Party. Ironic, considering Beyonce had a police escort to the field.

    Now on tour, police officers in Tampa, Florida were asked to volunteer off-duty to work at Beyonce’s April 29 concert at Raymond James Stadium. The police department’s spokesman Steve Hegarty told local media that NO officers signed up to help, because of her hateful lyrics.

    BTW 8 Cops have been killed in the last 8 days! Blue Lives Matter! Sasha or Beyonce’, sorry honey, you’re on your own.


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