• HILARIOUS Doritos Super Bowl Ad Immediately Attacked By WHINY Abortion Group

    Welcome to the world of perpetual outrage.

    Doritos scored big with arguably the funniest ad of Super Bowl 50.

    The commercial involves a dad munching their product during an ultrasound visit with his wife.


    The ad goes on to depict the baby as sensing and desiring the delicious Doritos potato chip his dad is eating. The spot ends with an unexpected birth as the exasperated mom tosses the chip away.

    The reaction to commercial was exactly what the marketers were going for. Humor, product placement, memorability, product placement, and humor. Boom. Nailed it.

    All except for the angry folks living in a world of never ending complaint.

    The abortion rights group NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) reacted swiftly with this tweet.

    Doritos “humanized” the fetus by showing it’s desire to eat a chip. This is obviously a terrible tactic because humanizing a the clump of cells that is a fetus makes it much harder to kill it by aborting it.

    Generally speaking, when a husband and wife couple go to an ultrasound and see their baby, oh sorry, “fetus,” they usually consider it a human. Their little human to be exact, that after growing a bit more, will burst onto the scene and be a part of their lives forever.

    Doritos was going for humor and product placement, not abortion rights statements. Doritos succeeded. However, if you see abortion arguments under every rock like NARAL, then you see the ad as employing “the tactic of humanizing fetuses”.

    It is good to note that the NARAL tweet wasn’t entirely received well in the twitter universe. Many Americans let them now their disapproval of the politically motivated comment.

    The Twitter war is still raging. If you want to go read a few or join in click here.

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