• IOWA: Hillary Feels The Bern Amidst Claims Of Fraud

    In Iowa, Hillary Clinton, the heir apparent and Bernie Sanders, the old socialist, ended the first in the nation caucus in a virtual tie. Only a handful of votes separating the two.

    Clinton gave a fiery victory speech last night, but not so fast. Claims of voter fraud fill the morning news.

    In Des Moines, several precincts perhaps miscounted in Clinton’s favor. Some precincts decided the winner with a coin toss. And perhaps the most aggregious mistake, the Democrat Party of Iowa seems to have lost some 90 precincts results.

    With Bernie surging, he is the candidate most likely harmed by the mistakes and blunders. Funny how this kind of stuff always favors the Clintons?

    From The Blaze:

    The Bernie Sanders campaign said early Tuesday morning that it was informed by the Iowa Democratic Party that results from 90 precincts were missing. CNN reported that the Iowa Democratic Party said it would need to “re-stage” the results of the caucuses in those 90 counties. The Sanders campaign said the Iowa Democratic Party had asked the campaigns to “help them out.”

    Watch this video from C-SPAN capturing the “mistakes”:


    The Huffington Post goes so far as to claim “Bernie Sanders Won Iowa’s Political Momentum and Shattered the Clinton’s Inevitabilty Myth”

    No matter what happened Hillary Clinton is definitely feeling the Bern. Her “victory speech” came across angry and petulant. Bernie is definitely bothering the Clinton machine.

    He might have a case for secret service protection from the Clinton’s as he has surely made the enemies list.

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