• In Iowa The Results Are In – Cruz, Trump, Rubio Get Tickets To New Hampshire

    The votes have  been counted. It’s in the books. Ted Cruz wins. Second, Donald Trump. Third, Marco Rubio. No offense, but the rest don’t matter.

    Huckabee dropped out last night. Others should follow. In a massive voter turnout, Cruz actually garnered more votes than any Republican ever has in Iowa. Trump won second, but it feels like a disappointment, while Rubio’s rise at the end almost bested Trump feels like a big win.

    Fox News has the details:

    Republican voter turnout at the Iowa caucuses broke records Monday night, with the close race among Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and eventual winner Ted Cruz sparking intense interest across the state.

    Roughly 182,000 Republican caucus-goers turned out, with nearly all precincts reporting, breaking the record of 122,000 in 2012.

    About four in 10 Iowans said they were caucusing for the first time.

    Signs that the 2016 turnout would break records began to emerge even before the balloting sites in Iowa’s 99 counties opened.

    Lines formed outside the doors, then reports began trickling in about some Republican sites running out of registration forms and ballots and plans to extend hours to accommodate the crowds.

    Many GOP precincts were scrambling to find enough voter registration cards to accommodate people newly registering. Many were Independent voters and first time voters registering on site to be part of the caucus. After all the speeches, town-hall events, and nasty commercials, Cruz won an impressive victory.

    A massive snow storm is enveloping Iowa today, so we will see who makes it out to New Hampshire.

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