• Iowa Winnows The Field Of Presidential Candidates – 4 Gone.

    The Iowa Caucuses are in the rear view mirror. The campaigns have descended upon New Hampshire and South Carolina. Four campaigns have called it quits.

    Rick Santorum is calling it a day after a disappointing showing in a state he won last time around. His decision comes just hours after fellow Republican Rand Paul announced the end of his campaign as well.

    For Rand, the “Liberty Candidate” his desire to re-brand his father’s image and take it all the way to White House didn’t materialize. The 10,0000 millennials who had verbally committed to come out and caucus for Rand, failed to do so.

    Also, Mike Huckabee and Democrat Martin O”Malley both called it quits the night of the Iowa caucus. The 2016 GOP field has been considered one of the strongest group of candidates in a long while, but it was a long list. With the bottom tier exiting the race, the top tier candidates will be looking to make alliances and hopefully add voters.

    New Hampshire will likely be the nail in the coffin for many of the other campaigns if the results are not what is needed to put together a winning run.

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